About Us

Our organization continues to fulfill the needs through which it was founded, juxtaposed to growing and adapting to the ever changing needs of Boston’s diverse community. Unity’s membership continues to grow and thrive, presently 100+ active members representing 15 countries--a multi-racial, multicultural,  and religiously diverse membership working closely and cohesively towards common established goals.


Unity Sports and Cultural Association “Unity” was founded by fifteen dedicated immigrants who came to the U.S. and settled in Boston’s South End. Forged out of their life experience in their respective home countries, the norm for these select individuals was to have a place where folks can gather, develop friendships, engage in sports, organize and coordinate cultural events, and find opportunities to engage in civic activities.
Longing for a communal space they created a similar entity in Boston to fulfill their socio-economic, cultural and educational needs. That communal space offered solace to new immigrants who were themselves adapting to a new environment, and so the Unity Sports and Cultural Club – passionately known as “Unity” was born.
Since little was known about their foreign games such as netball, cricket and all fours, Unity offered space and the creative freedom to engage in sports that was familiar to Boston’s Caribbean folk. This single, solitary action statement is the key to the formation of our association up to today.

Our ability to pool our talents and experiences continue to keep the ideal of the founding members’ vision for our organization pristine. They accepted responsibility to build an organization for themselves, and today, we are all part of this great vision even as we continue to evolve. At our core we believe that “Out of Many, One People, One Unity”.